Email to Faculty Announcing Implementation Committee

April 15, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to provide additional information and next steps regarding the Social Sciences Review, following the March 28th announcement by President Martha Pollack and Provost Mike Kotlikoff of the university’s intention to make three significant advancements in Cornell’s approach to the Social Sciences.

First, Vice Provost for Research Emmanuel Giannelis will oversee the creation of the Cornell Center for the Social Sciences. Emmanuel anticipates making an announcement about the Center in the coming months regarding the leadership, organizational structure, and resources of the Center.

Second, an implementation committee has been formed and charged to make specific recommendations regarding the other two components of this overall effort: (1) to build a world-class policy structure at Cornell and (2) to promote greater collaboration within the disciplines of Economics, Psychology, and Sociology. These discussions will continue throughout the summer and into the fall, and we will provide a mid-process update by early fall.

The committee members are:

As the process moves forward, the three of us will continue to be available to you through email (, individual meetings, and group meetings. We are very happy to hear your ideas for how to situate Cornell as a true world leader in policy and the social sciences more broadly. And we are looking forward to sharing our committee’s report with you in the fall.

Thanks again for your active engagement in this process,

Melissa Ferguson, Christopher Wildeman, and John Siliciano