School of Public Policy and Super-Departments

Building on the Provost’s Review of the Social Sciences, Cornell faculty members are developing a Cornell School of Public Policy as well as new cross-college super-departments in psychology and sociology. The existing super-department in economics will also be expanded. These initiatives will elevate Cornell’s excellence and prominence in public policy and will foster collaboration among faculty in core social science disciplines who are currently based in multiple colleges.

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Founding Dean Search

The university has formed a faculty-led committee and launched a search for the founding dean of the School of Public Policy. The dean is expected to be a distinguished leader in their academic field with extensive experience working in policy and with policymakers.

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In June 2020, the provost charged four faculty committees with undertaking the detailed design of a new school, as well as with the establishment of these new and expanded super-departments.

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Review process

Prior to this work, a faculty-led Provost’s Review of the Social Sciences launched in January 2016 to assess the state of these disciplines at Cornell and to explore opportunities to position the social sciences, including the public policy field, for greater prominence and excellence. To learn more about these efforts, which established the groundwork for the current faculty committees, review the project archives.