Economics Super-Department

The economics super-department committee’s charge was to expand the existing economics super-department. Economists from Policy Analysis and Management (College of Human Ecology) joined the existing economics super-department (College of Arts and Sciences and ILR School). The committee’s goal was to structure the new department so that it can achieve research productivity, quality, and impact consistent with a top 10 economics department and the economics scholarship of the School of Public Policy’s aspirational peers. In addition, the new department will administer innovative educational programs at all levels which build state-of-the-art economic and analytical skills and facilitate students engaging in meaningful professional careers that have a positive impact on society. The committee focused on making economics inclusive to people from all backgrounds and expanding diversity across all research and educational activities of the department while enhancing its culture of respect and professionalism.

Economics Super-Department Committee:

Name Title
Michael Lovenheim (Co-Chair) Professor, Policy Analysis and Management; Donald C. Opatrny ’74 Chair of Economics
Douglas Miller (Co-Chair) Professor and Associate Chair, Policy Analysis and Management
Ted O’Donoghue (Co-Chair) Zubrow Professor of Economics
Maria D. Fitzpatrick Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
Eleonora Patacchini Professor and Associate Chair, Economics
Seth Sanders Professor and Ronald G. Ehrenberg Chair of Labor Economics
John Siliciano Deputy Provost; Professor, Cornell Law School
Victoria White Project Manager, Office of the President