Sociology Super-Department

The sociology super-department committee’s charge is to form a new multi-college Department of Sociology comprised at the core of sociologists from Sociology (College of Arts and Sciences) and Policy Analysis and Management (College of Human Ecology). The goal in bringing these groups together is to leverage common strengths, build on distinctive strengths, and develop a shared vision that furthers excellence and elevates sociology at Cornell. The committee will map out a strategic plan with input from sociology colleagues that includes short- and long-term aims focused on faculty governance, academic programming, research excellence, and the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion across these areas. It will include recommendations for strategic investments to support the long-run excellence and impact of the new Department of Sociology.

Sociology Super-Department Committee:

Name Title
Ben Cornwell (Co-Chair) Professor and Chair, Sociology
Kelly Musick (Co-Chair) Professor and Chair, Policy Analysis and Management; Professor (by courtesy), Sociology
Mabel M. Berezin Professor, Sociology
Matthew Hall Associate Professor, Policy Analysis and Management; Director, Cornell Population Center
Sharon Sassler Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
John Siliciano Deputy Provost; Professor, Cornell Law School
Kim Weeden Jan Rock Zubrow ’77 Professor of the Social Sciences; Director of the Center for the Study of Inequality
Victoria White Project Manager, Office of the President

Committee email: